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  • Can I bring my own Device?

    Yes Pix accepts millions of devices!

    If you have a Sprint, or Unlocked LTE device you can make the switch instantly by visiting our activation tool at or speak with a live agent 24/7 to determine eligibility.

  • Can I keep my phone Number?

    You can keep your number or get a new one with Pix.

  • How do I activate my Pix Prepaid Service?

    You can activate your device quickly at or speak with a live agent 24/7.

  • Do I have coverage in my area?

    Pix covers most of the world. You can see our coverage on under coverage at the top.

  • Do you have stores?

    No. Pix a revolutionary concept offering direct to consumer wholesale rates on wireless services. By removing retail stores we can pass on savings to our loyal subscribers.

  • When was Pix Wireless founded?

    Pix was founded in 2014 in sunny Miami FL, USA

  • How long does activation take?

    If you’re getting a new number it’s instant. If your porting your number it may take up to 1 business day. This is dependent on your previous carrier.

  • Do you offer international calling?

    International calling is enabled on all accounts by default. If you’re a frequent international caller, we recommend utilizing our Wi-Fi calling solution, Virtual Sim which has very inexpensive rates to all countries in the world. Learn more at

  • Do you offer Unlimited data?

    When your data runs out you will be throttled down to 2G speeds until your next billing cycle begins. You will always have access to data it just will be at reduced speeds. You may renew your plan early to renew your 4G speeds.

  • What networks does Pix prepaid use?

    Pix prepaid is powered by Sprint® and America’s Largest LTE network for our prepaid service in the United States(Due to contractual obligations we cannot name our second partner).