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Pix Wireless Prepaid Voicemail

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How do I set up my voicemail?

Dial your wireless phone number from your wireless phone or any other touch-tone phone.
Follow the prompts and select 1 for English or 2 for Spanish.
The system will ask you to enter your personal pass code. (think of an easy to remember pass code and enter it when prompted)
The system will prompt you to record your own personal greeting or to select a standard greeting.
After hearing, “the person who you are calling has a voicemail that has not been set up yet, goodbye” interrupt this greeting by holding down the *key
* In order to avoid being charged as a call, please call your  mobile number from another phone while your PIX Wireless phone is turned off.

How do I listen to my voice messages?

Dial your wireless phone number.
Press 1 if calling from your PIX Wireless phone.
Enter your pass code.
The system will automatically play the new voice messages.
Airtime charges apply when calling to your voicemail from your PIX Wireless phone.

How do I listen to my voice messages from another phone?

Call your PIX Wireless mobile phone number from another phone.
When you hear the greeting interrupt it by pressing the * key .
Enter your pass code.
The system will automatically play the new voice messages.

How do I reset my voicemail if I’ve forgotten or lost my voicemail pass code?

Contact Customer at 800-416-3003 and provide your mobile number and account PIN. Once reset, all previously stored messages will be deleted.

Any short cut keys for voicemail?

Press ’1′ to play messages
Press ’1′ to replay last 3 seconds of a message
Press ’11′ to replay current message from the beginning
Press ’2′ to pause/continue a message
Press ’3′ to fast forward 3 seconds
Press ’33′ to skip to the end of a message
Press ’7′ to delete a message
Press ’9′ to save a message
Press ’2′ to record a message
Press ’3′ to change a greeting
Press ’4′ to access personal options

Can I have my voicemail in Spanish?

This depends on how you set up your voicemail initially. If you selected 2 for Spanish then your voicemail will in Spanish. If you would like to change your language selection, you can do so by resetting your voicemail settings. Please call your voicemail and follow the prompts to reset your settings.

How do I send calls directly to my voicemail?

Calls will go directly to voicemail if your phone is off.

If a call comes in, and you want it to go to voicemail, press the end key, and the caller will be directed to your voicemail greeting.

Many phones also have the option to force calls to voicemail. Please check your phones user manual.


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