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International Calling

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Pix Yellow (Sprint)

International calling/Roaming/SMS is not available on Sprint.  If You're an iPhone user, International text will work as long as both parties are utilizing iMessage over WiFi.We would recommend Sprint users to utilize applications such as FaceTime, WhatsApp, Viber, etc. for international calling. 


Pix Silver (LTE)

International Calling/Roaming/SMS IS available on Pix Silver. In order to activate international calling & roaming on your account, please contact a customer service agent 24/7.

You may purchase international Pay-Go top ups from $5-$100 at any time.

Wifi Calling/text is available free of charge when enabled by the user on a compatible device. Wifi Calling and Text is free of charge. (See compatible device info)

See Pix international LTE Rates

We would encourage all users to connect to Wi-Fi when possible and use free talk/text applications ideal for international communications such as WhatsAPP, FaceTime (audio/video). Viber, Facebook Messenger, etc. 

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