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Do I need a SIM Card to use Pix?

Pix Staff Web Team Updated


For Pix Wireless Prepaid services with Pix Silver, Pix Emerald, or Pix Indigo you will need a  unlocked device free of financial obligations.  After you confirm your device is eligible, You will need to purchase a sim for your device from our store here.

For Pix Yellow services no sim card is required. If your Pix Yellow device has LTE capability you should have a Sim card already in your device. If you are missing the LTE sim, they may be purchased from Sprint directly.


if you are a traveler with an unlocked GSM device check out Pix World service at Sims are preloaded with unlimited messaging for one year on WhatsAPP, Viber, WeChat, Line, and facebook messenger Worldwide. No Wifi or Top up's are required.

You may purchase the Pix World sim directly here.


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