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How do I configure my phone/update my data settings?

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GSM Devices (devices which HAVE a Pix SIM card)

To surf the web with your Pix SIM your handset will need to be programmed with the Pix data settings.

You can use your own Unlocked GSM Phone with Pix service, but will need to configure the phone with Pix data and MMS settings.

To help you get started, we have compiled programming instructions for some of the most common phones. Log into My Account a follow the instructions on the Device tab.

CDMA Devices (devices which DO NOT have a SIM Card)

The network will automatically update your device with the proper network settings. If this is the first time you are using the web, and are unable to connect, try making a call, then power off your phone. Then try to launch another session. If the call is successful, and you are still not able to connect, contact customer care at 1-866-205-9513

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