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Can I port my existing number to Pix?

Pix Staff Web Team Updated

If an existing number is active with the current service provider, users can port their phone numbers to Pix Wireless.

If the user has any unused minutes from the previous service provider in their account, the same is not transferrable to the Pix account.

Do check that there is not any early cancellation fee by contacting the current service provider.


Additional info on porting a number:


  • Most of the numbers (with a few exceptions) are portable from one service provider to another.
  • The users are required to submit their account information of the current service provider with Pix Wireless.
  • A request is initiated by Pix Wireless to users’ current service provide requesting them to port/release the number to Pix.
  • After the information has been reviewed by the current service provider, they release the number to Pix Wireless if the information is relevant and matches their customer database.
  • Mostly the porting request is processed with one business day, but at times it may take upto three business days to complete the process.


Key facts about porting a number:


  • The number that needs to be ported must be ‘active’ with the current network carrier otherwise the porting process will not be completed.
  • Do not activate new SIM or Pix number with your phone when the porting is under process. Otherwise, the port will fail. Customers that use SIM cards will have to purchase a new SIM to complete the process of porting.
  • The balance minutes with the current service  provider will not be carried over to the new Pix account.
  • Sometimes due to a contract with the current network carrier, the user may have to pay an Early Cancellation Fee as mandated by the terms. Do check wht4ehr you have one such contract drawn with the carrier to see if you are liable to pay such fee, if you are unsure.
  • Before you submit the Port Request, do review the information entered in the porting form carefully. If there is any mismatch between the information provided in the form and the information with the old service provider, the request for port may be denied.
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