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Pix Wireless Prepaid Device Compatibility. Can I use my Device?

Pix Staff Pix Staff Updated

To determine what devices are compatible with the Pix Wireless suite of products, read the guide below -

Device Compatibility based on Network Carrier

Pix World - Unlocked GSM Devices

Pix Silver - Many Unlocked 4G LTE phones can make the switch to Pix Silver

Most Unlocked GSM Phones and Tablets are compatible with Pix World Services in 193+ countries.


Sprint®* CDMA Devices (USA Customers Only)

Most Sprint devices can be activated on Pix Wireless Sprint CDMA 


Pix Silver LTE Devices (USA Customers Only)


Users can activate most LTE devices that meet the criteria mentioned below on Pix Silver LTE network – 

  • LTE-capable
  • Unlocked
  • Not under contract or obligation
  • Smartphone
  • Released on or after September 2014

 (Hint: Most Late model iPhone and Samsung devices can make the switch) 




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