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[Pix Prepaid] What to do if your Device does not qualify for Pix Yellow ? (Sprint)

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Users who may attempt to port a Sprint®* - Branded device to the Pix Wireless may get the error message saying -


"Sorry, this device can't be activated right now. Sprint says there's an unpaid balance associated with it."


This check is aimed to assess the eligibility of a Sprint device to port on Pix. The idea behind this check is to cut down the number of Sprint accounts with unsettled contracts and unpaid balances that may be attempting to port to Pix. It is also to eliminate the accounts that did not meet the portability criteria, or could not show time commitment on prepaid service.


* Sprint Devices that are on prepaid account purchased directly from Sprint

  • You are trying to end the contract sooner by either paying Early Termination Fee (EFT) or have already met the contract terms under Sprint Service Agreement.
  • You have a postpaid Sprint account connected with this device.


If you have good standing with Sprint network carrier, and have confirmed to either one of the above two criteria, the device will be released off of the network’s hold within two business days. If you have no outstanding balance on the device and have discussed things with Sprint, and still cannot get your device activated, talk to us.


Note: Simply unlocking a device may not get you to pass the financial eligibility check. There is no need to unlock Sprint devices to get them to work with Pix.


* Devices bought from prepaid carriers


  • You originally bought the device from Boost, Sprint, Assurance Wireless, or Virgin Mobile.
  • You had the device for twelve months with a prepaid carrier before you tried to activate it with Pix.


Some network carriers unlock the device automatically as soon as twelve months elapse. That automatically qualifies the device to be moved to other carriers. Other carriers may ask you to contact their customer service to remove the carrier lock.

If you have had a prepaid device already active for twelve months, then do talk to your network carrier and make sure the same is reflected in their records. If you are told that the devise has been unlocked already, you can talk to us and we may try to help you out, but there are no guarantees of a solution.

Note: Simply unlocking a device may not get you to pass the financial eligibility check. There is no need to unlock Sprint device to get them to work with Pix. 


* Devices that have been purchased recently from big box store/Sprint retail store

It covers the Sprint Devices that were bought at full price from big box stores like Walmart, Target, or Best or from a Sprint retail store.

Return the device to get a refund. Such devices cannot pass the FED check as they are treated like prepaid devices and must be active for twelve months before you can activate it with Pix.


*Devices bought via third party

Get in touch with the marketplace or the seller to arrange for a refund and return on your device that cannot pass the financial eligibility check of Sprint.

Only ‘authenticated owners’ can clear financial flags with their prepaid carriers or with Sprint. An authenticated owner is the person who bought the device from a carrier. Pix cannot escalate the issue through its network partners.

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