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Pix Sprint FAQ

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If you have any questions regarding bringing your own CDMA device, then we have the answers for you. Below is a list of FAQs for about bringing your own Sprint® compatible device to Pix.


Checking the Device's Eligibility


Check the eligibility of your device here, if you have one and wish to bring over.

In case you don’t know the ESN/MEID of your device, or don’t have it with you, you can keep reading the FAQs -


  • How do I check whether or not my device is eligible?


Simply input the ESN/MEID in the compatibility checker  and you will instantly know whether you can activate the device with Pix or not.


  • What is an "Eligible Device"?


Throughout this article, we have made several references to ‘eligible devices’. An eligible device is the one that –


  • Is not reported stolen or lost
  • Can pass financial eligibility check
  • Is inactive, and used Sprint®* branded device


How does the Pix Sprint BYOD process work?


  1. Visit and enter the ESN/MEID of your device.
  2. If the device checks the eligibility criteria, follow the instructions
  3. Activate the device with new phone number, or port your number from your current provider.
  4. Follow the steps as prompted to finish the activation process.


  • How long does it take to finish the BYOD process?


The time required to finish the process can vary. It can take five minutes if you are bringing your own device. If you are bringing a phone number on a BYOD device, then typically it should take 2-6 hours. In some rare cases, it may take 24 hours.


  • Can the device be used during the BYOD to Pix process?


No, you cannot use CDMA devices during this process.


  • How do I find my device's ESN/MEID?


You can easily find ESN/MEID at the back of most devices underneath the battery. In case your device does not have a removable battery, click on the links to find directions on how you can find this information within phone’s settings.


How to find your IMEI, ESN, or MEID

  1.  Enter *#06# on your device’s dial pad.
  2.  Goto the settings menu on your device:
          iPhone: Settings -> About Device -> Status
          Android: Settings -> General -> About -> Status
          Windows Phone: Settings -> About -> More Info
  3. Look under the battery of your device. In some circumstances it is listed as "DEC"
  4. Look for a sticker on the box the device came in
  5. Call our customer service team at 1-888-254-2167 24/7 and we'll be happy to assist you.


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