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Pix Emerald GSM BYOD: FAQ & Supported Devices

Pix Staff Web Team Updated

Users can now bring their own unlocked GSM devices to Pix. Below is the list of FAQs in this regard. If you are ready to bring your device to Pix, head over to the Activation Guide to know more.


1.     Is there a list of Pix compatible GSM devices?

Pix Emerald is functional with millions of GSM devices. Majority of unlocked devices can simply insert a Wireless Pix sim and access services. 


2.     Which GSM devices are considered ‘eligible’?


·      Must not be marked as stolen or lost

·      Must not have any outstanding balance with some other carrier

·      The device must support compatible bands.


3.     Will I need a new SIM card if I want to use a GSM device on Pix?

Yes. You will be required to insert a new Pix GSM SIM Card irrespective of whichever network you may be coming from (i.e. T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or any other)


4.     How can I know if my GSM device is locked?

 If you have any questions related to locking/unlocking of the device, you would need to contact your present network carrier.  


5.     Can Pix unlock my device for me?

No we cannot unlock your device. You have to contact the current carrier for that.


The users need to buy an all-in-on Pix GSM SIM Card. After receiving the SIM, go to the Pix GSM Activations. Get your SIM activated with a new phone number, transfer the existing number over or swap a number from Pix phone if you have an account already.


6.     How long does it take to Bring Your Own GSM Device to Pix


It should take a couple of minutes if you are activating with a new number. In case of the number being transferring from another carrier, it can take anywhere from 2-24 hours. However, most ports can be finished within 2-6 hours. In case of a number being swapped from another GSM devise, it can be completed immediately. Swapping a number from CDMA devices may take longer than usual.


7.     Can I use my device during the Bring Your Own Device to Pix process? 

Yes. Until the Pix SIM card has been activated, you can keep the SIM card by current carrier in the device. In case of transfer of number to Pix, users can keep the SIM by their current carrier within the device until it has been transferred. After the transfer is successful, you can insert the SIM and the activation will be completed.


8.      Can I bring my phone number to Pix?

Yes. Pix can transfer number from other network carriers. Learn more about porting here.


9.      My device is not functional despite going through Bring Your Own Device to Pix process.

If you have followed the above steps and are not facing troubles or cannot use functions on your device, talk to us, and we can help you.



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