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Wi-Fi Calling [Pix Silver / Pix Emerald]

Pix Staff Web Team Updated


Wi-Fi Calling is now available on Pix Wireless on all Pix Silver and Pix Emerald Plans (Device must be capable)


Wi-Fi Calling is now available on most 4G HD devices!

* Allows you to make and receive calls and texts on a Wi-Fi network, instead of a cellular connection

* Works when the device is connected to any Wi-Fi network

* Wi-Fi calling works as a coverage extender

* If you’re in a low coverage area but still have Wi-Fi, you can use it to place a call

* Works well in congested areas

* Gives you more freedom to make and receive calls/texts

* Available for domestic & international use


How to enable (Turn on) Wi-Fi Calling


Settings->Phone-> Wi-Fi Calling-> slide Wi-Fi switch to on-> tap enable


Home Screen->phone app->three dot menu to open settings option->scroll to Wi-Fi calling & enable->fill in your address

Home Screen-> swipe up to open apps->settings-> connections->slide Wi-Fi switch to on-> more connections settings-> tap Wi-Fi calling

Confirmed Devices with Wi-Fi Calling Capabilities

     * All iPhones (6 and greater)

     * Branded Android devices

     * Generic Samsung S9/S9 Plus



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